Charitable Initiatives and Events

Our professional community are industry leaders who educate and mentor to others to preserve the professionalism and strength of our industry. Become a NLCA member and industry professional who contributes to others through the National Latino Cosmetology Association and it's charitable initiatives created to positively benefit our professional careers and the communities we serve. 

Get Beauty Schooled
Our Purpose is to help us reach out to low-income students and minorities are particularly hard hit. Only one in 10 low-income students can expect to graduate from college. And disproportionately fewer students earn high school diploma. This is not due to a lack of talent but instead to the high costs of tuition and to the fact that many graduate high school without the skills they need to succeed in work, life and the community. They also lack guidance on how to choose a career, apply for admission, and fill out financial aid forms. Thousands of low-income, minority students are highly motivated and ready to succeed in work and life. We  develop leadership programs in schools designed to help both the low-income student and all others get ready to graduate and be career ready to succeed in our communities.

Make a Contribution: Building Careers in Beauty.

Diversity Educational Scholarship.
Our Purpose is the belief that every life has equal value. It is considered the core of our work as is to improve and enhance the value of the beauty industry.  Diversity Educational Scholarship Fund aligns and collaborates through its works with partners benefiting the communities through Scholarship. Scholarships encourage excellence in career building opportunities as well as collaborates across the nation.

Esperanza -There is Beauty in Hope.Our Purpose is to raise awareness and fund research for early prevention and early detection of ovarian cancer to benefit all women. The charitable programs are supported by the NLCA and the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Alliance.




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