One of the fastest growing trade association today, the national Latino cosmetology association prides itself on assisting each member to   enhance professional knowledge, business growth, with career focus in the professional beauty industry this organization is driven by its membership and is ran by volunteers.
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Leadership Board Leadership Management Committee  
Erica Bonilla Sally Codori  
Debra Algonquin Sophia Canez  
Isa Linas Ambar Garcia  
Evelyn Faith Ana Aquino  
Maria Arri Adrana Diaz  
Erica Bonilla Sophia Canez  
  Volunteer Coordinator   
  Christobal Mogo  
  Yeralin Guillen   
  Karla Zuniga  
  Sonia Munoz  
  Chelsea Terrazi  


Academic Internships available email resumes to

Marketing and Media
Brent Heintz

Chief Executive Officer and Founder
Julie Zepeda


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