Who Can Join
The NLCA welcomes the trade professional who works in and provides support to beauty industry, from the licensed beauty professional employees,
contractors; all experience levels, from beginners to the master professional, practitioners and beauty industry focusing on professional indie brands designed and targeted especially to and for the professional beauty industry, members will enjoy outstanding development resources and networks opportunities offered by organization which will assist in growth and thrive in the professional beauty industry. 

Manufacture and Distributor Membership Application.
Dedicated manufactures and distributors supporting the beauty trade industry with a focused support of natural and organic products for the beauty industry professional. Including the wholesaler, formulator, packager.

Indie Brands Membership Application.
Branding designed for the beauty industry which support natural and organic beauty products, including non-exhibiting brands for the industry that have a focus in natural, organic, health and wellness.

Corporate Beauty Wellness Trade Professional Membership Application.
This membership welcomes Professional Beauty Industry focus for beauty, spa, health and wellness brands being natural and organic with exclusive focus for the professional beauty industry, this membership also includes those who work in or provides support to the professional beauty industry.

Corporate Associate and Specialty Providers Membership Application.
Specialty members also include professionals who are not a beauty service provider, but support the beauty industry indirectly, at least half of their gross income must be acquired through the provision of these services.

Beauty Professional Membership Application.
Includes but not limited to estheticians, hair designers, makeup artists, massage therapist, barbers, dermatologist.

Newcomer and Future Professional Membership Application
A newcomer to the industry is the first year of becoming a professional. Must be a current student or have less than one year of professional experience. 

Academy Membership Application Available.
Contact Member Services +1-702 448-5020 ext. 1.

Association Membership. Contact Member Services +1-702-448-5020 ext 1.

Professional Media Agency, Press, Vloggers, PR firm, investment bank and Ad Agency.

With the Warmest Wishes for the Coming Year!
Thank you.

Dues for corporations in are based on the company’s gross annual sales. All memberships are valid for one calendar year, a two year membership fee is twice the dues of a one-year membership.

Verification of beauty industry independent contracting, the future professional and other employment opportunities, such as. front desk management will be necessary for all membership. 


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