We are a unique, vibrant and rapidly growing global niche trade organization of the professional beauty industry. We are composed of dynamic people with career vocation who are dedicated to advance professionally and distinguish themselves as leaders within the community of the beauty industry, both here and in the United States and abroad.

Our community serves as a resource for professional development, offering educational opportunities to professionals in the beauty industry. Our focus is to provide exceptional support to develop outstanding careers. Whether your goal is to gain exposure in the industry or help professional success, we have exclusive events, educational leadership programs designed for beauty industry professionals and newcomers.


 National Latino Cosmetology Association is positioned for growth as the largest and fastest growing global niche market trade organization of its kind in the  professional beauty industry. We are currently reaching out to companies in the USA and throughout Latin America, including but not limited to Mexico, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, France, and Puerto Rico. 


Comprising dynamic, career-minded individuals who are dedicated to advancing professionally and as leaders within the American beauty industry and Beyond. Our community serves as a professional development resource, offering educational opportunities to beauty industry professionals. Our focus is on providing outstanding support to develop outstanding careers. We are an international organization with a focus in the united states. Whether your goal is to gain industry exposure or career development this organization is here to help.



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