altMembership is open to all licensed trade professionals of the beauty industry.  

Beauty, Health and Wellness professional membership  application.
For the beauty, health and wellness professionals, this membership also includes those who work in or provide support to the professional beauty industry. It includes, among others, aestheticians, hairdressing designers, makeup artists, masseurs, barbers, medi spa practitioners, dermatologists. If the professionals are from Mexico, they must have a business license of the beauty establishment and the business card before the membership is approved. 

Newcomer and Future professional membership application.
A newcomer to the industry is the first year of becoming a professional. Must be a current student or have less than one year of professional experience.

Manufacturing and Distributor professional membership application.

Manufacturers and dedicated distributors providing beauty health and wellness brands, to the trade industry, exclusive brands and focus on natural and organic categories, including the wholesaler, formulator, packer and distributor, public relations firms, media and advertising agency.  

Corporate Partners and Specialized Supplier professional membership application.
The specialized members also include professionals who are not suppliers of beauty services, but who support the beauty industry indirectly, at least half of their gross income must be acquired through the provision of these services.

Indie Brands professional membership application.
Beauty brand marketing and advertising designed exclusively for the professional beauty industry, with a focus on natural and organic, health and wellness.

Complimentary e-membership application.
The annual membership is complementary subscription to our electronic newsletter and access to the career center.

Academy and Association Membership Application.
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All memberships are valid for one calendar year, a two-year membership fee is double the one-year membership fee, except when using the promo code Love Beauty_  to receive a reduced rate. Verification of the beauty industry, independent hiring, professional future and other employment opportunities, such as, management of the reception will be necessary for all members. The warmest of welcomes to professional beauty brands, press, vloggers and bloggers, public relations firm, investment banks and advertising agencies.



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