25th February 2010

NLCA Educates at ISSE
Long Beach Convention Center
Long Beach, CA

National Latino Cosmetology Association and 40,000 Beauty Professional's Set Record Attendance for NLCA at ISSE. The phenomenal attendance numbers, up 21% from 2009, combined with a wider array of educational opportunities and first-class exhibitors, reaffirmed NLCA’S position as the West Coast's largest and most influential professional industry event. Featuring 397 exhibitors, the positive numbers and better-than-expected sales proves the beauty industry is resilient and provides a positive indication for the future. 

This year marked the 2nd anniversary for the National Latino Cosmetology Association Since 2006 NLCA has played a role in the ISSE by providing talent and education focusing on prominent Latinos in the industry. One in ten US businesses is now owned by a Hispanic American. 

Zepeda states, “Relationships are key to the Latino culture and preserving our culture with color and flair in the beauty industry is of paramount importance…we are dreaming the dream into reality through beauty.” With the projected purchasing power of $1.3 trillion dollars for Hispanic Americans NLCA is organizing Latino beauty professionals to capitalize on their strengths to enjoy a piece of this demographic power. 

This year in the Latino Fashion Theater:

Marcel Munoz, founder of Heads-Up with Marcel, an education company for beautyprofessionals, presented “ViVa Kahlo” as a tribute to Frida, her flair, her sense of style and passion for art. 


Latin Fashion Worldwide 2010 

Alfaparf Milano of Italy, known for fashion colors and couture hair designs presentedthe “SURREALISM” Trend Collection with John Frank of Venezuela. 
John Frank from Venezuela, is an artist of design. He uses inspirations from Milano to be motivated by the depth of his experience and their unique yet diverse viewpoints to create a new vision. Architect of the future and consistently challenging the current reality to create a new level of hair artistry...seeing new creations, sculpting new forms, and exploring new media to realize the ultimate couture! 

Celebrity stylist Clark Russell, dedicated to “Making the world beautiful, one client at atime” was NLCA’s guest host for Latin Fashion Worldwide and spoke about the type of marketing efforts that worked in his salon as well as the benefits of belonging to NLCA.

Clark, a frequent guest artist on the Style Network and Oxygen Channel, tells clients of all cultures and flavors, “never forget who you really are…don’t ever try to be anybody else.” 

Miguett Cosmètica International of Mexico had a booth and classroom. They infusetheir cosmetics and skin care with gemstones and botanicals to enhance beauty from nature. Their unique “Laser” Mask provides the benefits of laser without the invasion to the skin providing immediate visible benefits by softening the lines and skin surface. 

Linda Sierras Bertaut founder of Bertaut Beauty, shared the system she developed forpersonality types based on a blend of Eastern wisdom and Western knowledge called “Chakra Personality Types – Choosing the Best Salon & Job for your Personality” Bertaut, an esthetician of 25 years is an award-winning beauty expert, author and educator. 

Dr. Manuel Escalante, spoke about his specialty “Promoting & Marketing Your Salon to the Hispanic Market.” Born in Costa Rica and educated in England, Mexico, and theU.S.A., Dr. Escalante brings a global, hands-on approach to marketing and consumer strategy. Escalante shared updated statistics and how to attract your share of the Hispanic market. He states, “People do not buy brands, or services or products; people buy a perceived satisfaction for what to them is a very real problem.” 

Sonia Pinal from the American Cancer Society did a presentation about their beauty program for cancer patients. 

Now is your time to reflect on your professional values and goals and get involved with the world’s first Latino professional beauty organization. There will be exclusive opportunities for NLCA members to work with some of today’s most renowned beauty industry professionals. 

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