Create an Esperanza-There is Beauty in Hope day inspiring all professionals to support this cause with creative team members to raise awareness, fund research and educational efforts for the prevention and early detection of ovarian cancer. Now is a crucial time to support the fight against ovarian cancer.

NLCA Supports this vision by assisting to create an Esperanza -There is Beauty in Hope, it is a day devoted to Build Awareness in your business and community during the month of September. NLCA celebrates Esperaza with compassion and commitment in the industry and the communities we serve.

Support the cause and change the future of Ovarian Cancer, make an impact in the fight. With your help, we can help support and find better ways to prevent, treat, and cure this disease.

Ways to Contribute:

  • A day of pampering with your business to celebrate the Esperanza for Ovarian Cancer survivors and women currently undergoing treatment.
  • Host an awareness breakfast for your staff to invite their family and friends to learn about the signs, symptoms and treatment of the disease.
  • Runs, walks, dinners and dances—these are just some of the ways dedicated supporters throughout the country are raising awareness and helping fund the scientific research to beat Ovarian Cancer. 
  • Whether you have an idea for an event, or simply want to raise awareness and funds for the cause, your contribution will help fund research.
  • Make an online contribution

Fully committed to the fight against ovarian cancer, the National Latino Cosmetology Association supports fundraising initiatives to further the cause of ovarian cancer awareness and to help as many women as possible learn about the disease and its symptoms so they are aware of the signs. There is Beauty in Hope.


Gracias a nuestras asociaciones y patrocinios