Cappuccino, the hair treatment that stimulates hair

Without any toxic elements it has become so much preferred by adults as by children. The creaminess of the milk foam, the intense aroma of coffee and the care with which the preparation of all its ingredients is made makes it one of the most demanded treatments at Divinité Salón , the only one in Madrid that offers this subtle treatment.


Through the technology of the physical transformation of two liquid products, mixing them, you get a soft foam with appearance and aroma similar to those of a rich cappuccino. It is applied to the hair with a brush from the root to the tip, giving it warmth with the hand. This activated mousse restores the life, elasticity and lightness of very stressed hair.

In Salon Divinité the ingredients of the products are enhanced by adding steam to the hair to open the capillary strand and penetrate it well.

The mane is then washed with Cappuccino Restructuring Shampoo , a restructuring shampoo formulated with ingredients of vegetable origin. Promotes the maintenance of protein and lipid substances, especially after chemical treatments and washing with aggressive detergents and helps maintain the natural structure of the hair, leaving it shiny and pleasantly soft and silky to the touch.

It clears hair well. Next, a restructuring Mousse Cappuccino is applied : soft and light restructuring mousse. The amino acid and protein complex of the milk it contains is quickly absorbed uniformly by the hair fiber, nourishing it and conserving its keratin structure. The crown, protected from the heat of moisture, recovers its natural elasticity and softness.

To finalize the treatment, according to Cristina Pérez , creative director of Divinité Salón , an ideal restructuring mask for treated and stressed hair. It helps to nourish and keep the hair robust and soft, leaving it silky and shiny without weighing it down. The result is a hair with much more shine.


TONI & GUY Spain for an informal look:
The braids are here to stay, but reinvented. 

Like the ones complemented with textiles, which create surprising and very attractive results, which help you integrate hair and clothes.alt

The Platinum Blonde

According to Cristina Pérez de Divinité Salón, is the tone to which the qualification of king of the luminosity can be granted by the light that radiates on the face, besides refining features, disguising gray hair and favoring a lot, when it shines with a flattering cut.

According to a study, 9 out of 10 Spanish women have dyed their hair on occasion and only 9% are real blondes in our country. The demand for blonde color is increasing, increasingly, guided by fashions, celebs and, above all, by its favorable result. According to testimony of the creative director of Divinité Salon , Cristina Pérez, the client requests with more insistence
a lighter tone reaching platinum. 
The blonde has become, therefore, the color that most women
ask in hairdressing salons, being almost 98% those who request it from 40 years.


Is it possible to get a blond platinum with natural products, without having to crush the hair?

The answer is Yes. 
This is confirmed by Cristina Pérez.

This expert in the latest hair coloring techniques uses organic, natural bleaching products; substances that come from flowers and plants that nature gives us, to achieve an optimal result without having to crush the
mane. These natural products that are used
to discolor

the hair what they do is to replace a significant number of synthetic agents with others of
natural origin: oils and vegetable extracts.

These treatments have better results when the base color of the hair is brown or dark blond. Up to five shades it is possible to
lighten the base of the hair with these
organic natural products, which are extracted 
from flowers and plants.

TONI & GUY Spain for a romantic look:
Among the main proposals is to look well
drawn waves, broken waves and volume, especially a lot of volume, either in loose
or collected hair. It is a very natural
proposal that favors all women.

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