We are not talking about extensions, but about lengthening the hair. And beyond getting inches more, Cristina Cali, of Studio C, tells us how they are now used to provide an extra volume - and what are the keys to their care.

More volume and density

We no longer want to have longer hair (that too)
but have more volume and density." The new Système Volume extensions by Balmain Hair
Couture are applied mainly on the front and
side," says Cristina Cali. A much more
natural effect that escapes from its traditional
application in the inner third and that achieves
a much more personalized "contouring"
effect .

Express application

"In just 45 minutes we can make a whole
head", adds Cristina. Something that would
not be possible if not for the new fixing
system, exclusive of Balmain Hair Couture,
with which instead of applying strand
to strand (one centimeter thick) each strip incorporates five strands that are fixed
simultaneously to speed up the work.

 You do not see, you do not notice

"They are extensions of natural hair with
keratin fixation, which spoils much less
natural hair and favors a greater subjection
from the root. 

The finish is very neutral, practically
imperceptible and without discomfort,
explains Cristina. You only have to worry
about visiting the salon once every three
or four months "because the hair grows
and the effect may be different than desired."

Ultra natural effect

It is an extension of your hair and, to feel it
as such, it is important that it be as similar
as possible both in color and in texture
(thinner, medium or thick) "You will forget that you are wearing them. You can comb them with tongs, even apply a coloration ... But above all, provide a plus in hydration."

Care for brushing

Because any brush does not work. "Extensions
can entangle hair more than normal and to
avoid it, it is important to use a soft- brushed
brush daily like Hair Extensions Brush from
Balmain Hair Couture."

 And to the wash

"The key to some beautiful extensions is
their hydration. We should use a mask
once a week and, every time we wash
our hair, conditioner, letting it act a
minimum of 3 minutes and a maximum
of 10," recommends Cristina.

What you must not do…

Go to bed with damp hair. "It is very
important to dry it well or you will risk waking
up with tangled hair." But also take special
care with heat, salt and chlorine. "If you go
to the beach, it is better to untangle the hair
with your fingers, apply mask and pick it
up with an elevated position. When you
come back, you can wash it regularly. "

 And as an extra, to facilitate the combing
in means and tips, never in the root or
on the fixation of the extensions, "you can use Detangling Spray of Balmain Hair Couture,
a detangling spray in two times that keeps
the hair in optimal conditions and protects
from the heat of styling tools," concludes






The Italian Chiara Ferragni wore the day of her wedding, with rapper Fedez, a dancer's bow with a seductive
touch very seductive. Mario Anes, artistic director of
Cotril Spain, tells us step by step how to do it and what products can be used.



1. The first step is to wash, condition and treat the hair
with the "Jalurox" line, which, thanks to its content in hyaluronic acid and marine collagen, leaves the hair
glowing and full of life.

2. Before brushing, we apply a "Untitled" hazelnut on
the wet hair, to provide a body, volume and


3. Once the brushing is finished, giving an open wave shape to the mane, we apply a small amount of "Ponytail"
on the palm of the hand and we distribute it little by little
as we collect the hair in a low ponytail, which later it will
be knotted, giving shape to the low bow of the dancer, slightly unstructured, which led the influencer.

4. We finish the collection with "Wind," for a fixation and natural support. alt


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