A line of hair care that combines natural ingredients and the power of science in its products.

The new INESSENCE line of System Professional
recharges the hair with natural energy to rejuvenate it, hydrate it and improve its manageability.

Designed to be used either along with the
rest of the brand's lines or individually, INESSENCE
offers the perfect combination
of natural ingredients and effectiveness.


Today, 1 in 3 customers are concerned about the
ingredients that make up the products
they use, and prefer to purchase hair care products
that include natural ingredients. However, 90% of
consumers combine the use of these products with others of large consumption, because they consider that
natural products are less effective. In short,
they lack products with natural ingredients
that work at the same time. System
Professional responds to this problem with
the launch of INESSENCE : a line of hair
care that combines the energy of nature
with the power of science.

Composed by up to 96% of ingredients of natural
origin (from 91% to 96% depending
on which product in particular), INESSENCE
is formulated without sulfates, silicones or parabens,
making the hair rejuvenated.

INESSENCE recharges the hair's natural
energy while leaving it manageable and
healthy. System Professional has created
this exceptional line that not only
demonstrates the firm commitment of the
brand with the use of natural ingredients,
but INESSENCE also manages to maintain
the commitment of System Professional with
the luxury and passion for hair care that transforms
the hair.






The Italian Chiara Ferragni wore the day of her wedding, with rapper Fedez , a dancer's bow with a seductive
touch very seductive. Mario Anes , artistic director of
Cotril Spain, tells us step by step how to do it and what products can be used.



1. The first step is to wash, condition and treat the hair
with the "Jalurox" line , which, thanks to its content in hyaluronic acid and marine collagen, leaves the hair
glowing and full of life.

2. Before brushing , we apply a "Untitled" hazelnut on
the wet hair, to provide a body, volume and


3. Once the brushing is finished , giving an open wave shape to the mane, we apply a small amount of "Ponytail"
on the palm of the hand and we distribute it little by little
as we collect the hair in a low ponytail, which later it will
be knotted, giving shape to the low bow of the dancer, slightly unstructured, which led the influencer.

4. We finish the collection with "Wind" , for a fixation and natural support. alt


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